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Spring cleaning - Assessing leaks and bad habits in your pkv game

Spring cleaning – Assessing leaks and bad habits in your pkv game

Spring marks the beginning of growth and renewal. Players should assess their game honestly and identify leaks, flaws, and bad habits now for a “spring cleaning”. Eliminating these profit leaks is the fastest way to boost your PKV win rate dramatically.

Review your poker tracker stats

The first step is diving into your poker tracking data. Look at key stats like VPIP, PFR, AF, WTSD, W$SD, red line, and blue line. Identify outliers from the norm that could indicate leaks. For example, a red line much lower than your blue line shows you are losing lots of big pots and likely have post-flop or tilt issues. A W$SD much lower than WTSD indicates problems extracting maximum value. Comb through recent hand histories and identify repeating losing patterns. Are you bleeding chips from calling off too light? Making bad bluffs in obvious spots? Missing obvious board textures where you should be betting more aggressively? Look for trends rather than focusing on one-off beats. Mark hands you misplayed for further review.

Look for tilt leaks

Tilt and emotions are one of the biggest leaks for PKV players. Review your play during recent bad sessions where you lost control. Make notes of exactly where tilt started to happen and how it affected your decisions. Watch out for triggers like bad beats, late-night fatigue, or frustration after cooler hands. Does your play style involve too many fancy plays and exploit attempts? That backfires against tough regulars. Try simplifying your default strategy to a solid ABC poker approach. Focus on good hand values, position, and avoiding costly leaks. Only get creative against weaker opponents who exploitd. It encourages you to take calculated risks when the situation warrants it, rather than relying on high-variance plays. You can benefit from this approach over the long run by protecting your bankroll.

Cut out bad habits

We all develop bad habits over time like playing bandarqq99too many hands, chasing draws, or bluffing relentlessly. Make a list of your worst habits that are obvious profit leaks. Then consciously work to eliminate them from your game one by one through mental repetition and post-game reviews. Many PKV players sabotage themselves by moving up limits too fast or taking unnecessary shot-taking risks. Review your bankroll decisions over the past months. Did you take shots above your bankroll limit or keep firing after going on monkey tilt? Shore up your BR management rules. Take advantage of top podcasts to build your strategy and fundamentals. Getting advice from elite players inspires you to fix flaws in your game. Check out the top episodes on leaks, tilt control, and optimal plays in this episode. Discover new ideas for tactical strategies.