Online Casino Roulette Odds Calculator

Online Casino Roulette Odds Calculator

Just look at the web and find several methods and theories to win at roulette. It is important to make it clear that there is no point in using a calculator and predicting any probability without having good bank management. But is there a calculation or a sequence of numbers that increases the chances of winning in a casino? That is what you find out here.

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It can be said that there is no foolproof strategy in any casino game. Professionals in each sport know the importance of knowing the means that can lead them to victories, but recognize that it is impossible to always win. Defeats are also part of the lives of great players and it also makes them learn about their biggest difficulties.

Casino Roulette Odds

On several websites you can find some roulette odds and it can be said that there is a variation in the way the game is displayed. Currently one can find the percentage probability to be the most used because it is better understood by the reader. You can also see some sites that display fractional odds and odds of proportion.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds

Many websites offer roulette odds, however, sometimes the terms are not understandable. Usually the odds are displayed as a fraction, for example, let’s say you want to know the probability that the result will be an even number on a roulette wheel. Well, there are 18 even numbers and 37 numbers in total, so the fractional probability is 18/37.

Red 18/37

Black 18/37

Pair 18/37

Odd 18/37

Number 4 Black 1/37

Black and Odd 9/37

Let’s say you wanted to find the probability of having correct guesses about specific types of bets in several rounds:

First Round: Par 18/37

Second Round: Dozen 12/37

Result (18/37) x (12/37) = 1 / 6.34

First Round: Number 14 -1/37

Second Round: Number 17 – 1/37

Result (1/37) x (1/37) = 1/1369

In any of the casino games each result is independent of the last and do not expect the results seen in the previous spins to affect future ones.